Big Transformers Electronic Toys At KB: Pinball & Arcade Jet

{mosimage} The astf licensing juggernaut isn't done surprising us yet! Last week, TFW2005 posted a new listing for a kid-size astf Electronic Arcade Jet. The riding toy, made by Moose Mountain Marketing Inc., will be available on September 7th for $129.99. Unfortunately, the contraption isn't designed to be ridden by anyone over 59 pounds–which, even without taking stereotypes into account, would cover very few adult Transformers fans.

Today, Allsparker junk_nd points out a related item: an Optimus Prime Pinball Machine! This $99.99 item is due to be released the same day and from the same company, but has no prohibitive weight restrictions. It does feature real bumpers, flippers, LEDs and two-player action, just like you'd expect from a real pinball machine.

Check out the KBToys listings for the Arcade Jet and Pinball Machine, and discuss in junk_nd's thread.