Unreleased G2 Go-Bots Found Carded On Ebay

{mosimage} Allspark member Nevermore reports that two of the unreleased G2 Go-Bots have shown up on Ebay, both on High Beam's card, presumably as mockups. The figures, which would eventually see release in Robots in Disguise as Daytonus and Side Swipe, feature "in-joke" paint applications (not unlike Classics Mirage's) featuring references to Hasbro team member Vinnie D'Alleva, as well as extremely bright colors, par for the course for Generation Two.  This a rare instance of the two figures in anything beyond test-shot colors; at Botcon 1996, another set of the figures, in these colors, were auctioned off; there are very few pictures on the Internet of these decos. You can check out each of the Ebay auctions here and here.