Ultra Magnus Mystery Solved!

{mosimage}A few days ago, we reported on a mysterious Wal-Mart website listing for an Ultra Magnus figure, clocking in at nearly 5 pounds, and costing a whopping $95 US.  What was it? people wondered.  A Hasbro version of Takara's MP-02 "Cabnus"?  The G1 reissue at an extremely inflated price?  A heretofore unknown Ultra Magnus figure no one had any foreknowledge of?

It was one of those three, and probably the most underwhelming choice of the bunch.  Somehow, Wal-Mart got its hands on a Hasbro reissue, and shipped it out to one of the only people with the nerve to set down the C-note, including shipping and handling. Allspark user Big Show reports getting his today, and much to our friend's chagrin, it was absolutely nothing special.  How can Wal-Mart be selling a former (and currently relatively hard to find) Toys "R" Us exclusive?  It's a mystery, but at least one conundrum can be put to rest today.


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