Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive Breakaway, Botcon Iacon Sets Arriving

{mosimage}Allspark member moroni prime reports that he has received his 2007 Transformers Collectors Club exclusive Breakaway. If you require photographic proof, you may find it right here. So be on the lookout for your exclusive in the mail soon. In the meantime, you can talk about the figure on our message forums here.

Additionally, non-attending Botcon Iacon-level exclusive sets are hitting mailboxes now: the following email from Fun Publications corroborates both news reports. 

 This is going out to all TCC members. All of the Breakaway figures are now in the mail. If you don't receive yours by August 15, please let us know. It can take 2-3 weeks for them to arrive depending on the speed of the Post Office…

Click Read More to read the rest of the email.  You can discuss the Botcon set news in RYNO's thread here.

We have shipped all of the Iacon figures and Alpha Trion/Weird Wolf
sets (that were ordered at BotCon) to domestic FedEX addresses. Foreign
and PO Box orders will depart on Monday.
We have been adding movie products and some BotCon items to the store
this week. More will be added next week along with more pictures being
We will also be adding the remaining Alpha Trion/Weird Wolf pieces to
the store next week so keep watching. There is a very limited number
left and we will be selling them with the Vector Sigma for $150 for all
three pieces (well below what they have going for in the online
auctions). We may/may not send out and email when they go in the store as we
don't want the server crashed. You will be allowed to order ONE piece
per person so if you try to order more than that, your order will be
In addition, after everything has shipped we will be going through the
damaged boxed items to see what complete sets can be put back together
and we will be calling the people on the waiting list. We don’t
anticipate anything being left and we are not accepting any more names on
the list as we won’t have enough to fill demand.
Several people have asked about the unused Hotel Key Cards…we have
paired these items with different BotCon exclusives so when you order
these items, the Key Card will come free with that order. There is a very
limited number available so don't delay. In addition, these cards
have never been put in a hotel door lock so they are free from all
Nothing will go up until Monday so watch next week…it will be a busy
time for the few items that are left from BotCon 2007!
Thanks to all of you who attended!