The Mystery Of Walmart’s Magnus

{mosimage}Make a new entry in your "bizarre online retailer listings" next to "Alternators Ford Mu" and Toys'R'Us' infamous Swerve listing with the G1 picture. has recently added a quite puzzling entry for "Transformers Collectible Figure, Ultra Magnus", weight 6 lbs, dimensions 24.0 inches x 24 x 24, and a hefty price tag of $89.76.  The image is taken from the Japanese G1 reissue pictured on this page (thanks Magnusblitz!).  Is this Masterpiece Magnus, imported by Walmart's online entity?  Is Hasbro releasing MP-02 here?  Is this a G1 reissue of some sort, or a case of them?

You can find the listing here, and you can post your thoughts and speculation in catafracture's thread.