The Allspark’s Fic of the Month for July

They're little. They're electronic gadgets. They transform. They're ridiculously cute (well, at least in this writer's opinion). They're the astf Real Gear Robots, and they've been a top-of-mind topic recently for a couple of Allspark authors.

Razorsaw looks at how the chatty cell phone Speed Dial might have reacted to being suddenly jolted into sentience in "Spark of Life." And Mouse_Pad sees life in a different light through the eyes – or lens, or viewfinder – of tiny video camera "Zoom Out." Together, these two short pieces on a similar theme – but with differing perspectives from and results for their central characters – make up the Allspark's Fic… oops, make that Fics… of the Month for July.

Click below to see excerpts of both, and check out the full stories in the Chronicles of Cybertron fanfic forum!


From "Spark of Life" by Razorsaw… 

Who? What? Where?
Who am I? Where am I? What's going on?! What is this?!
There was nothing. Darkness. No. There was something. Sounds. Sounds coming from everywhere. Sounds coming out of me. Wait. No. The sounds coming to me, they were… they were something else. And not just sounds. Numbers. And words. And… and…
Then. Then light. Suddenly, exploding light. Everywhere. It all started to suddenly mean something. These numbers. Everything that came before. Its… it was… What is this telling me? What is it that is in my… in my mind? Is this my mind?

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From "Zoom Out" by Mouse_Pad…

Thirty-six days ago, I came online.

I know how it happened. The pulse that gave me life also gave me fundamental knowledge of my existence. I know that my spark of life is ancient, even though it betrays no secrets of its past. I know that my people – and I use the term loosely – are nearby. I know how to communicate with them though I have not yet chosen to do so.

I know that I can transform my body. I have not yet had reason to.

I know that I am not supposed to be here. The Allspark was activated by accident. I am the unwanted child of uncaring parents. There are many more like me.

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