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{mosimage} Transforming the world of the comic-based Classics into the cartoon universe of G1, Alpha Trion served as a point of contention to many fans, but there's no denying the toy's appeal: a gorgeous redeco and remold of Cybertron Vector Prime, A3 transforms from Cybertronian spacecraft to ancient robot and back.  He features a massive amount of sculpted and painted detail, a Cyber Planet Key painted gold to match the Key to Vector Sigma, and a (heretofore unnamed) Mini-Con partner.  The Allspark is pleased to announce the first extensive photoshoot from the Botcon 2007 set, which can be seen in our Image Galleries.

{mosimage} Additionally, we now have a brand new gallery for the figure packed with Alpha Trion, the former Headmaster Weirdwolf.  Now disconnected from his longtime partner Monzo, Weirdwolf is a shadow of his former bot. Gone is his lilting, oddly-paced syntax, replaced with half-hearted rhymes and an overall ennui seen in few bots not named Dreadwing.  Weirdwolf's gallery is live at this link.


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