Rumor: TF Animated Movie Recall

{mosimage}A new member of the 2005Boards has posted some potentially alarming news concerning the 20th Anniversary DVD rerelease of Transformers: The Movie.  TorchwoodPrime states in his post that he is a Best Buy employee and that his store received instructions to pull all remaining copies of the 20th anniversary DVD off of the shelves.  The speculation is that Best Buy as a whole is no longer allowed or willing to sell the animated movie.

No telling what the ultimate implications of this are, but it could mean that the excellent release we saw last year will be very hard to find soon.  You can read the gritty details here

Remember, at this time, this should be considered unsubstantiated; Sony BMG, the distributor of the 20th Anniversary DVD, has indeed not gone out of business; however, the Sony Wonder arm of BMG was reorganized into the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment branch of the corporation earlier this year.  This may be effecting the rights and clearances for Sony Wonder's previous properties.

As always, more news as it becomes available.