New Images of Unreleased G2 Go-Bots

{mosimage} Predecessors to the Spy Changers of Robots in Disguise, the G2 Go-Bots featured a universal transformation style, limited poseability, and high-speed racing axles akin to those found in Hot Wheels cars.  While several were released during the Generation 2 line, four were held back, most likely due to the failing sales of the line.  These figures, only one of whose names is known (Rumble, thanks to some fortuitously placed paint applications) would go on to see release in Robots in Disguise as Daytonus, Side Swipe, Prowl 2 and Side Burn.  

Recently, some auctions cropped up for the four figures, linked from this thread on our forums, and now, further down in the discussion, we have images of the figures' robot modes, which had not previously been seen. In case the pictures come under bandwidth issues, we've mirrored them in our Image Galleries as well.