Mark Ryan Interview: Transformers 2 Tidbits, More!

{mosimage}Skewed and Reviewed, a DVD and pop culture review website, has posted their Q&A with Mark Ryan, the voice of Bumblebee in astf, and he has imparted some very interesting information.  Mark served as the voice of just about every Transformer in the movie during the actual physical filming, giving the actors an actual presence to react to.  He was ultimately cast as Bumblebee, one of the only roles he had neither auditioned for nor read.

But the news that the fandom is going to want to hear is this: Mark has recently gone back into the recording studio to lay down some tracks for the DVD release, which will include a prequel of sorts to astf 2!  The DVD should be released later this year.  You can discuss the whole thing in Hooks's thread here