Hasbro Product Panel, Part 2

Here's more news from Botcon, as Hasbro unveils its future plans for toys and the Animated series…

Classics 2.0 is coming!  In the plans are Sunstreaker with a Sideswipe repaint (different heads and two chest transformation options), Octane as a triple-changer (cargo jet/tanker/bot), Prowl, Ironhide and likely Jazz!  They're also trying to get every triple-changer remade, considering adding an Ultra scale, and looking at getting Classics licensed products like the designs seen in the Style Guide portion of the Hasbro tour.  Classics 2.0 will be under the Universe umbrella in Fall 2008, and the Classics line will continue as long as it's successful.

More Animated tidbits!  Most of David Kaye's earlier voice cast revelations for Animated are now confirmed.  Weird Al has already recorded his part!  And Animated will eventually include a combiner.

DOA: Alternators and 6" Titaniums are confirmed dead, as Classics was considered the best line to keep alive.

Check out the rest of the news from the Q&A and a bit of Animated clip news by clicking below!



More from the Hasbro panel…

They've seen animation clips from Animated!

  • We begin with a small group of Autobots crashing into 22nd-century Detroit and finding the Allspark artifact.
  • Prime (with mouth, apparently) and Megatron appear with axe and swords.
  • Transformations are simple and stylized. Clearly some stock animations.
  • Autobots fighting giant monster, like Thrakkorzogg from the Tick.
  • "I'm Bumblebee!" "I'm Sari." "Don't be!"

Q&A portion… 

"Any chance of combiners in Classics or Universe?" – "Yep."

Why not a movie toon? – They had different schedules, and it's just how it happened. They wanted to keep some recognizable elements to tie them together, like the stripe on Bumblebee and the deco on Ratchet.

The toys will launch around March. Deluxes, Voyagers, and a Battle Pack first, with a full launch in the fall. The movie line will continue through about the summer.

Mini-Cons? – No plans for fall '08 but may consider for spring '09.

They're evaluating Robot Heroes to see if they should continue them.

Blackarachnia is it for now as far as Beast Wars characters in Animated, but they definitely want to use more.

"Any chance of getting an Ultra Magnus who isn't a Prime repaint?" – "Yes."

Classics 2.0 will start with 4 to 8 Deluxes and 3 Ultras give or take, about the same as Series 1.

Animated Voyager Prime will have an axe that partially transforms from his trailer.

If someone is in Animated, they probably won't be in Classics because they're supposed to complement each other.

Titaniums will likely end with War Within Prowl, because that's had packaged samples. Probably War Within Grimlock will be there as well.

We won't necessarily get toys of every Animated cameo character, but we'll see.

Classics 1.0 was a bridge to the movie. They're glad it was so popular, and Classics 2.0 will be longer.

Female Transformers in Animated will start with Blackarachnia, and then we'll see.

They can't find the G1 Dinobots' molds, so reissues of them are pretty much out for Hasbro or Takara.

Classics Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, in addition to having the possibility of two chest transformations, will have different heads.

Classics Octane's plane mode is based on a Hercules.

"There may be some things we're working on corporately that are bringing [Marvel and Transformers] together."  Hmm.

In answer to questions about an "angsty Thundercracker" in Animated and the "Never Gonna Happen" Titanium shelf on the Hasbro tour, "no plans" for both.  But they suppose it's not out of the question to make a Titanium or two into Classics, since the scale is similar – again, though, no firm plans.

"Playsets for Animated?" – "We think you'll be happy with something we've got planned in the next year and a half or so."  Another hmmm…

Animated Ratchet is a Deluxe, and Bulkhead is a Voyager.

Lockdown, the "Boba Fett-esque" bounty hunter, will appear in Animated but has not been shown yet.

Classics Galvatron will happen, and WON'T be a Megatron repaint!

And that's the end!  Now begins the wait for all of these plans, non-plans, and possibly-might-be-but-we're-not-saying plans to come to fruition…