Hasbro Product Panel, Part 1

Watch here for minute by minute updates on this panel which is starting in a few minutes.  All the future toys coming from Hasbro….straight to your monitor!  Click "read more" to read the first half of the notes…

"The room is so packed its Standing Room ONLY!  Stay right here Transfans….

Brian Savage has started off wih his announcements.  No Video Cameras for this Event.

Here we go………….

New Movie Toys!

  • Incinerator is the Osprey we saw at the Hasbro Tour.  He is a Grey and Dark Grey deco Osprey Plane.  Bot mode has some blue on the chest.
  • Landmine is a brand new Military S7 Vehicle
  • Stockade, Sector 7 Surburban is Autobot.
  • Desert Attack Brawl is the repaint of Movie Leader Brawl.
  • Nightwatch Optimus, Movie Optimus Repaint.
  • Beast Wars Robot Hereos.  Megatron, Cheetor.
  • Robot Hereos Astrotrain and Galvatron 

Animated Characters!  Grimlock and two other Dinobots are back!  Blitzwing is back!  Blackarachnia is confirmed!  There will be an Arc and a Nemesis!  There will be Cybertronian form toys!  And there's lots more on Animated, the toys, the robots, the humans and the series plans… click below to read all the news.


We've already seen in the booth everything to be released in 2007.  This is Spring 2008…


The Animated was intended to be back into a good timeslot on TV.  They haven't had a good timeslot since Armada.  Production has been brought back to the US.  Partnered with Cartoon Network on the design.  New Style and Tone for Transformers Animations.  Related Stories and Characters.  New Possibilities with the Toys.  The toon will not be 'dumbed down'.  It simply will be more relatable.  Not a space opera, but planted more on Earth.  Story will be episodic, but ties into an overall seasonal arc.  ACtion driven, with a dose of humor.  Major focus on Personality and Abilities.  Rich action Sequences, Familiar and New Characters, Human Super-villains and Decepticon Villains.

Artistic style.

  • Highly Stylized and Fluid Animation.
  • More Energetic and Expressive Bots
  • Major Focus on Personality and Abilities
  • Grow from Mechanical to Emotive Designs
  • Familiar and New Characters
  • Realistic and Stylized Transformations.  Tazmanian devil Transformation only happens a couple times.  It will have a lot of different types of Transformations.


  • We will get toys of their Cybertronian Forms before they take Earthforms. Optimus will have toys with both face plate and lips.  Optimus will come with a trailer.  Sometimes you will see him with it and without it.  It will disappear when he transformers similiar to G1.
  • Prowl is the Ninja.
  • Ratchet is the oldest and most seasoned.
  • Grimlock is back in!  As a T-Rex!
  • There will be 2 other Dinobots appearing!
  • Megatron has his Armblaster.  He's Grey, Black, and Red.  He will look completely different by the end of the series apparently.
  • Starscream is a futuristic, wings forward, jet.  Character is the same as he's always been.  Got a Chris Lotta Voice, TomKenney.
  • Blitzwing has returned!  He's a triple Changer ala G1 modes.  Since he's a triplechanger he will also have multiple personality.  He will have different faces as well.
  • Lugnuts is a mammoth plane. Ala Incredible Hulk.  Most loyal unquestioning servant.  He's got Missiles for Hands
  • Black Arachnia Confirmed!  She's one of the more complicated villians.
  • Human Characters, Cpt. Fanzone.  Sari and Issac Sumdac.  The human interaction is different than what we've experienced in the unicron trilogy.  Human Villians are the Angry Archer(looks like Aaron Archer from Hasbro), some others unnamed but shown on the screen.
  • Series will have a spaceship called the Arc!  Inspired by G1.  Also has CR Chambers.
  • Decepticon Nemesis also returns.  It dwarves the Arc in size.

What will the toys look like?

  • Toys development at the same time as animation designs
  • Animation style allows us to show more personality with each character.
  • 90% + animation/toy accuracy.
  • New Sculpting Style
  • No more full line gimmicks.
  • Transformation is the feature
  • Signature Weapons and Poses – Attitude and STance
  • Range of Motion is great!
  • Weapons will transform as well.


  • The animation is really transfered into the toys, but it works.
  • The faces also match great with the animation.
  • Optimus has an Axe.
  • Prowl looks like he comes with a Stoplight accessory that may transform.
  • Grimlock will be a Voyager.
  • Megatron is a Vertical takeoff alt. mode.
  • Blitzwing will be a Voyager.
  • Black Arachnia looks AMAZING!  VERY realistic spider and no spider kibble in Robot mode and VERY posable!
  • Toys will be matte, not Glossy finish.


  • Working on Season 2 already. More familiar and new characters
  • Possibility of season 3 and 4.  Desire to create brand new characters with cameos by G1 favorites.