Exclusive Classic Mini-Con Redecoes

{mosimage}The Classics Mini-Cons are getting redone as exclusive Microns, according to the upcoming September issue of Figure Ou! magazine as reported by TFormers.  In the one picture we've seen so far of these exclusives, the Mini-Con dino Terrorsaur gets redone in a strikingly familiar shade of purple, and the police car Strongarm turns clear.

Other upcoming highlights in Figure Ou!: the recolor of Sports Label Convoy officially known as "Marine Blue version" but who looks suspiciously like Ultra Magnus; Masterpiece Skywarp; and astf Protoform repaints demonstrating the fiery effects of atmosphere entry – we have yet to see these – which will be exclusives at August's C3xHobby convention in Chiba City, Japan.

Talk it over and see what we've seen of the Micron exclusives in this thread started by Powered Convoy.