Transformers: The Game Out Today!

{mosimage}Today's the day the astf tie-in video games are available at a store near you! Actually, with game releases, it's kind of tough to say something's "out today." The games have shipped, and showed up days ago in some places, but they should definitely be in all stores this afternoon. 

Several large chain stores are running specials on the games this week, ranging from $10 off the DS versions to free toys or other incentives. Click here for the store ad roundup.  

Unfortunately, early reviews of the 360 game have been less than complimentary. So far the MetaCritic average of the IGN, Gamespot, Gamespy, and GameTrend reviews puts the game at a meager 59/100. The DS versions seem to be faring better. Check out StarscreamZX's thread to discuss the reviews as they roll in.