Transformers: Animated – Plot Details

{mosimage} "Autobots wage their battle to / destroy the evil forces of / the… bad people."

An article on SCI FI Wire brings us new details about the upcoming Transformers: Animated series. As was probably obvious from the teaser image of Optimus Prime we saw last week, to borrow a phrase from G2, this is NOT your father's Autobot. 

According to Hasbro and Cartoon Network executives, the show will add humor, new characters, and a new storyline: Autobots will be superhero-types, fighting "evil humans" more than Decepticons. The robots themselves will be more human-like, so kids can "identify with the characters much more" than they have in the past twenty-three years.  

Thanks to Transformers @ The Moon and Allsparker StarscreamZX for the news. Read the article and discuss it here.  


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