Transformers: Animated Cast News!

Direct from David Kaye in his BotCon panel, we've got an ever-more complete cast list for the upcoming Transformers: Animated!

Bumblebee – Bumper Robinson (apparently in a Chris Rock-esque performance)
Bulkhead – Bill Fagerbakke
Prowl – Jeff Bennett
Ultra Magnus – also Jeff Bennett
Arcee – Susan Blu (also the voice director)
Blackarachnia – Cree Summer
Jazz – Phil Lamarr
Corey Burton – Shockwave
Tom Kenny – A Constructicon
A garbage truck (Junkion?) – "Weird Al" Yankovic 

This is all in addition to the previously announced Kaye as Optimus Prime, Corey Burton as Megatron, and Tom Kenny as Starscream. Quite a cast, in terms of both actors and characters. Hopefully more information will also come out of tomorrow's Hasbro panel! Thanks to Dr. Fang and Sprocket for the info.

*UPDATE* Kaye said that most of the characters outside the core cast (Prime, Bulkhead, Bee, Prowl, Ratchet) will be single-episode cameo appearances. He also strongly hinted that Waspinator might make an appearance, though if he does, unfortunately Scott McNeil will not be available to return.


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