TONS of Botcon Pictures!

{mosimage}Not at Botcon this weekend?  Not to worry.  Live vicariously through the Allspark staffers on location in Providence, including admin team member Bainreese and his very busy camera!  Check out this massive gallery chock full of pictures he's contributed from Friday's activities at Botcon, from the Hasbro tour to the exclusive set to an up close and personal look at a certain big rig to the Hasbro toy display.  Included in the toy pictures, among many more:

 – upcoming astf repaints, including the Target exclusives
 – other future movie toys including Arcee and Leader-class Brawl
 – the ridiculously adorable movie Robot Heroes
 – the Robot Replicas movie figures due out in October
 – a sampling of the T.E.C.H. (Transformers Electronic Combat Hardware) toys that turn into weapons
 – upcoming Real Gear Robots High Score 100, Night Beat 7 and Meantime (He's a Decepticon watch! Get it?)
 – later waves of Movie Legends, including Blackout and Starscream
 – G1-colored Masterpiece Starscream, confirmed as a Wal-Mart exclusive

Keep an eye on the Allspark all weekend for more news and pictures from Botcon.