The Allspark’s Fanfic of the Month for June

The writers in our Chronicles of Cybertron fanfic forum create new stories, new characters and at times whole new worlds reimagining the existing Transformers canons.  Sometimes, those new worlds pull readers in just as powerfully as the canon fiction, and that's been the case with DragonTail's stories since he started bringing his Armada-Energon-Cybertron-era reboot to the forums in 2005.  Get pulled in again, or for the first time, as several of DT's core characters face pivotal life-changing moments in "Trial and Go Seek," the Allspark's Fanfic of the Month for June.

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From "Trial and Go Seek" by DragonTail… 


The finger was emerald green and nearly transparent. Years earlier it had been steel but, after a refinery incident, it had been replaced with sculpted Energon. The digit hummed slightly as it passed through the air, and it sizzled on contact with living metal. Not enough to melt one’s chassis, but more than enough to be annoying.

Ultra Magnus felt the finger poke him in the back… twice. Before the third jab, he reached around and grabbed it with his right hand. The digit was larger than his entire fist, but the Autobot’s enhanced strength allowed him to twist it painfully.

The anti-grav skiff lurched as Tidal Wave dropped to his knees. The gargantuan Decepticon clenched his gunmetal jaw tightly – but not enough to stop a grunt of agony slipping out. Pain-wracked optics looked imploringly at Ultra Magnus, but found no hint of mercy in the Earthforce commander's expression.

"Touch me with this finger one more time, Decepticon," he growled, "just one more time, and I'll bite it off."


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