Target Transformers Site: Live, Kinda!

{mosimage} The countdown for Target's astf site at has completed, and the site's live! Well, partially at least. There seems to be either an error or a deliberate block preventing access to most of the content, such as the Robo-Vision code-access section. But, we get a look at some new toys (including an exclusive Trans-portable PC and an online-only bust and statue of G1 Megatron).

Plus, there's an exclusive online Prequel Comic available for download. No, this isn't the umpteenth rerelease of IDW Prequel #1 with a variant cover, it's a brand-new 10-page comic that, naturally, features conspicuous plugs for Robo-Vision and Target itself. 

Check out what's available now at, and hopefully more content will be online soon!


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