Nightwatch Optimus Prime at Amazon has put up a mysterious listing for astf Nightwatch Optimus Prime, who seems to be a dark-colored redeco of the Leader Class Optimus figure currently on shelves. There are no pictures on the listing, but Amazon gives the following description under "From the Manufacturer":

OPTIMUS PRIME® prefers a straight forward battle, in which opponents can look one another in the eye and know that what they do is for real and forever, as adversaries should. When fighting an enemy as deceptive as MEGATRON® however, he knows that more subtle tactics are often called for. His stealth mode is designed exactly for such situations. The darker colors are sensor transparent, letting him slip in unseen, often even directly under the eyes of DECEPTICON® guards. New servos in his joints move him silently across the ground, and sophisticated hand-to-hand programs let him take out enemy troops without a single pulse from his Ion Blaster. Get ready to rule the universe with this awesome OPTIMUS PRIME figure that features Advanced AUTOMORPH Technology! This TRANSFORMERS technology is designed to enhance vehicle-to-robot conversion with partially animated mechanical triggers that activate the final shift to battle mode. See armor slide to protect vital points! Flip down the Ion Blaster in robot mode to launch the projectile! And press the button in vehicle mode for electronic horn sounds and lights! This is one impressive figure for your collection.