News from the Botcon 2007 Hasbro Tour!

Thanks to our own ChessPieceFace, the Allspark has news from the Hasbro company tour at Botcon 2007, on location.  Here's what he tells us:

  • Hasbro's plans for the 2008 line are called "Power of the AllSpark."  We're unsure if that's a line name or something else.
  • A lot of unproduced protos that will never see daylight: 6" Titanium Arcee (car), Cosmos (like the sketch from last year), Bumblebee (Cybertronian spaceship), and G1 Shockwave.  Does this mean Titanium is dead?
  • Evac style repaint of astf Blackout that drops a rescue raft!
  • New prototype of a doubled-bladed osprey style helicopter, voyager class.

Read more juicy details and discuss the info here.

UPDATE: Check out some quickie photos of the osprey and blackout repaint here in our galleries.  More soon!