New TFKenkon Gallery: Japanese Deluxe Bumblebee

{mosimage} Oh, look at you. Mr. Big-Collection. Mr. MISB. You were up at the crack of dawn yesterday to buy all the astf toys, right? You bought three of every Transformer, just so you could have one in the package and one for each mode. You cleaned the stores out of every last Fly Paper Bumblebee and Optimus Prime Talking Keychain. You bought Optimus sheets for a twin bed you don't own and Decepticon socks you can't fit into. You think you're pretty special, right? You think you got every piece of movie merchandise in the first wave, right?

Well, here's Remy Rodis to not only show you something you don't have, but make it look so good you won't be able to stand not having it. The newest TFKenkon gallery is of the Japanese version of Deluxe 1970s Bumblebee, and unlike the US edition, it's got swanky clear blue windows and missiles.

Check out the excellent gallery, and discuss it in Remy's thread. And good luck on eBay!