New Movie Figures In (And On) Package

{mosimage}The 2005Boards, via the Chinese TFClub board, have in-package pictures of two more astf toys: High Score 100, an Autobot Real Gear video game controller, and – speaking of video games – the "as seen in the Transformers video game" Autobot tow truck Longarm.  But even more interesting might be the co-sells.  Listed as "Also Available" on the packaging for Longarm are some figures we've seen previously – namely, deluxe Arcee, the 2009 version of Bumblebee, and Dreadwing.  Also there are two figures we haven't really seen: Payload (previously known from the Wizards of the Coast battle-card game) and a remolded Jazz with a "Final Battle" prefix attached.

Check out the pictures here (or here in Chinese), and drop by @l3x's thread at the Allspark Forums to talk it over!