New HasbroToyShop Preorder… Alt Decepticharge?!

{mosimage} Here's a curious bit of news that may mean absolutely nothing at all, but… well, it's been kind of a slow news day. Poster Magick points out that Alternators Decepticharge has popped up on with a "Coming Soon" listing. This Decepticon Honda s2000 repaint was difficult for many people to find on its initial release, so it would be welcome news if Hasbro has indeed come upon some old stock. 

For now, all we can do is watch the listing like a hawk to see if "Coming Soon" becomes "Add To Cart," and discuss this li'l mystery in Magick's thread.

UPDATE: The listing has reverted back to its pre-Decepticharge state, featuring Sunstreaker, Rollbar, Ricochet, and Skids.  It looks like it was an error on Hasbro's part.