Justitoys MP-05 Megatron Upgrade Information

TFSource.com has updated their information on Justitoys' planned release of additional parts for MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron!

"It's time to take your MP-05 to the next level, from a Masterpiece to Perfection! Included in this set is everything needed to upgrade your Masterpiece Megatron. The accessories will attach to Masterpiece Megatron in gun mode as well as transform just like the G1 toy parts did! Also included will be a metal balancing weight to make the overall feel of Masterpiece Megatron be much heavier than he currently is, and more representative of if he were made with die-cast parts. Just how all this will attach and transform, is a big secret and will be unveiled once this great set is released. This is a custom kit designed by Justitoys of Hong Kong.

Note: In case it wasn't blatantly obvious, this set is just for the parts to attach to your MP-05, no MP-05 is included as part of this Kit."