Game on! A bevy of new Transformers The Movie Fun and Games

Risk Game Board Hasbro has been kind enough to send us some more amazing astf merchandise, this time in the true spirit of The Allspark's mantra of "Fun and Games".
Included in our gallery are some first hand pictures of 6 new items due out this summer on the heels of astf which is due to be released only a few short weeks from now (July 4th). Most are classic games re-imagined with Transformers in mind, such as Stratego (A Target Exclusive), Risk and of course Transformers Chess. There's even 2 puzzles — a traditional 2D puzzle featuring Decepticon Barricade and a 3D puzzle that features a battle scene of movie characters. The 3D puzzle can even be mounted on your wall for display when its complete. Lastly, there is a Transformers Battle Card game in which two players go head to head as Autobot or Decepticon.
You can view pictures of all of these items by clicking here ! And of course, post comments in our forums.  
If there was ever any question whether or not Transformers has returned to the mainstream, it has clearly been answered a resounding "Yes" in 2007. Only time will tell how much more we will see by year's end.