Fan Club Update: Breakaway Delayed

{mosimage}News from the Transformers Fan Club is that the Breakaway figure is in the hands of the Fun Publications crew, but won't be shipped out until after the convention, as the attentions of the FP staff are completely on getting everything ready for Botcon.  You can read the entire text of the article by clicking "Read More."  Be sure to discuss this news on our forums.

I have good news and some almost good news:

In honor of the boxed sets arriving from China Thursday, we posted the
box art for this year's convention set at

The almost good news is that the Breakaway figures came in the same
shipment but…we won't be able to get them out before BotCon. We will
have some with us for sale in RI. We will be shipping all the free ones
when we return from RI and they should all be in the mail by July 13th.
Thanks for your patience.

BTW, the bag has a misprint on them and it says BotCon 2007 which is
not correct. The Breakaway figures have nothing to do with the BotCon
figures, only they were produced at the same time.

Thanks for your support!