Confirmed: Prime Helmet Variant With Cullen’s Voice

Listen carefully to those astf Optimus Prime voice changer helmets.  It's been confirmed now that there are two versions – one with the voice we heard in G1 and we'll hear again in the movie, Peter Cullen!

As pointed out through both a video posted by Matrix_Prime and an image from Seibertron, some of the Cullen variants will come in a slightly different package declaring, "Featuring the REAL movie voice."  But Allspark Forums member Aberration tells us the real movie voice comes out of his helmet that didn't have the note on the packaging, so, to quote him directly, "the best thing to do is to use your ears."

Speaking of using your ears, use them to hear Peter Cullen's voice from Optimus Prime's head in this thread started by Matrix_Prime, where you can find his video.