Botcon Registration Deadline

We've just gotten an email from Brian with Master Collector, letting us know that if you have not registered for a Protoform Package for this year's Botcon, the deadline to do so is 5:00 central time tomorrow, June 19.  After that, your only hope for the convention is as a walk-in:

This is going out to all TCC members. If there is anyone that still wants to sign up for a Protoform package, you must have your form to us by 5pm Central Time Tuesday June 19. After that time, anyone else who wants to sign up must go to new registration on Friday monring June 29 at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

If you still need to add a movie ticket to your order (one per registered package) you must do this by Thursday 5pm Central Time June 21. After that time, no more movie tickets will be sold.

Watch for more guest updates this week!