BotCon IDW Comics Panel News

The IDW BotCon panel this morning gave us some news on upcoming Transformers comic projects. Here's a roundup:

  • IDW Avengers/TF #4 will feature a Spider-Man vs. Megatron cover!
  • The Beast Wars Sourcebook will be 3 issues, 48 pages each, out in late August.
  • The Prime Spotlight is VERY important to the overall IDW story.
  • The U.K. Dinobot Hunt story will be reprinted, and will lead into a Special Secret Project by Nick Roche: Dinobots! No word on if it'll be a series, special, or mini-series.
  • There will be more Evolutions stories. They'd love to do a 1938 H.G. Wells "Transformers: War of the Worlds" story.
  • No plans for more Hearts of Steel, but they'll discuss it.
  • The More Than Meets The Eye Dreamwave guides will be reprinted. They're discussing a coffee-table book compiling all the issues into an oversized hardcover–if you'd like to buy that, email Chris Ryall!
  • Nick Roche will be bringing us a Rodimus Prime Spotlight issue in early 2008.
  • Transformers: Animated and astf-continuity comics are in the works.
  • Chris Ryall will reveal more news and more details at the San Diego Comic-Con.