BBTS Update: MP Megs and Parts; Shoe Magnus

New preorders and new arrivals at Big Bad Toy Store include a few Transformers items…

 – Another round of Masterpiece Megatrons will be arriving at BBTS in a few months, and the new accessory set is also available for preorder.  Both include the blaze orange cap that makes Megs legal in the U.S., and the accessory set listing includes the picture we've just seen from JustIToys.

 – Sports Label "Marine Blue Convoy" aka Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime's right-hand bot… oops, sorry, left-foot bot, is up for a preorder that will likely be filled up quickly.

 – The Art Asylum Optimus Prime wall statue is in stock now.

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Hi – Here is another quick update from about a big batch of exciting new preorders and more new arrivals!



–DARTH MAUL & BLOODFIN STATUE:  This staute was constructed so the Bloodfin vehicle appears to be floating over the base by being cleverly attached to Maul's flowing cape – listed at $30 under MSRP – $169.99

–TUSKEN RAIDER BUST:  No real image on this one yet, but its sure to be another popular bust in Gentle Giant's ever expanding series – $47.99

–STAR WARS KUSTOMZ – STAR DESTROYER:  Darth Vader sits atop a Star Destroyer Hot Rod for the third statue in this imaginative series – $59.99

–HARRY POTTER – NEW BUSTS:  We have just listed the new Bellatrix Lestrange and Nymphadora Tonks busts at $44.99, no final images on  either yet, but we do have a prototype of Bellatrix pictured.

TAKARA MASTERPIECE MEGATRON MP-05 & PARTS SET:  We were able to secure a limited number of MP-05 Megatrons that will be here in a few more months.  The price is a bit higher than original wholesale so we've had to adjust to $109.99, but thats still a fair value for the ultimate version of Megs. The MP-05 ACCESSORY SET has some updated information with a picture of the unobtrusive orange cap and new images of the parts.

HALO 3 – MCFARLANE FIGURES & VEHICLES:  With Halo 3 on the horizon, the product releases are starting to fall into place as well.  McFarlane will be producing a variety figurs and mini vehicles.  We have sets of each listed as well as cases, both at very reasonable pricing.  Only the Master Chief has an image so far, but it should be a great line given McFarlane's dedication to detail.

DC JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED 3-PACKS:  Mattel has just sent us some info about a new 'hobby market' case assortment that finally has the figures we've all been looking for.  This case does contain a few older sets, but along with those it includes:  Green Arrow, Hawk, Volcano; Vigilante, Brainiac, Obsidian;  Martian Manhunter, Big Barda, Deadshot; Alt Flash, Rocket red, Hawkman.  Cases of 6 3-packs are only $59.99 – $10 per set, and singles are available as well.

NEW NECA:  NECA continues to release a ton of very cool items, check out the growing list of desirables here:

–TOMB RAIDER – LARA CROFT 7" & 12"  The new 7" figure is called the Anniversary edition and it features Lara in her tight blue shirt.  They also have created a 12" version of the past Player Select 7" figure.

–CASTLEVANIA – We now have mock-up drawings of the figures listed and hope to have actual figure images soon.  This line has already been wildly popular and can't be missed if you are fan of the Castlevania series that stretches all the way back to the good old days.  We have sets priced $10 under MSRP at $49.99

–HARRY POTTER – The 10" Hagrid figure looks fantastic and features a voice chip and cool accessories.  We've added images of the OOP Series 2 set of 5, and a variety of wood plaques, magnets, and other collectibles have just been listed

–LABYRINTH – The extremely popular 7" Jareth is followed up by a 12" version of the same sculpt – coming soon for $27.99

–300 PROP REPLICAS:  A live size and wearable Spartan Cape has just been listed at $50 under MSRP at $199.99.  This piece looks fantastic and is sure to spruce up any costume you might be planning for this fall.

–ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN:  Two new Michael Myers figures have just been listed in honor of Mr. Zombie's upcoming version of the decades old thriller.  18" is $39.99 and 7" is $12.99

–GRINDHOUSE:  The Machine Gun / Leg prop replica has just been listed at $139.99 – which is $40 under MSRP – check it out here:

MARVEL SELECT – BEST OF LINE:  A new case assortment brings back 5 highly desired pieces for just $17.99 each.   We've just listed preorders for Ultimate Venom, Phoenix, Emma Frost, and variant versions of Phoenix & Emma Frost.  These have all been sold out for a very long time so its great to have them back.

KOTOBUKIYA'S SPIDER-MAN VS VENOM:  This statue takes on a much different style than the typical piece, and it is limited to only 1500 pieces.  Preorders have been opened at $60 off MSRP at $189.99

MARVEL ZOMBIES – WOLVERINE STATUE:  This hot series continues with a nicely decomposing version of Wolverine in his yellow & brown suit. Preorders have been listed at $30 off MSRP – $119.99

MARVEL PREMIERE – SUE STORM:  An extremely attractive new statue of Sue Storm with a Fantastic 4 Logo Base – up now at $119.99

NECROPLASM SPAWN 2 EXCLUSIVE:  A buyer was able to get a hold of a small amount of these for us, preorders have been listed for this cool clear-green spawn at $26.99

BEOWULF PROP REPLICAS:  Diamond Select rolls out the first wave of props from the exciting film coming this winter.  We've discounted each nicely off MSRP and have The Crown of Beowulf, Golden Dragon Horn, Hunting Sword of Beowulf, and Beowulf Maquette listed here:


–24 MINIMATES – Season 2 & End of Day Jack & Andre sets:

–BATTLESTAR GALACTICA:  Baltar Bust – this is a companion piece to the Cylon Six bust – pick them both up here along with our exclusive bust:

–STAR TREK RETRO CLOTH:  The second wave of Mego style figures has been listed at $29.99 – Spock & Andorian join Kirk & Klingon

–BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER:  New action figure dioramas called 'ReVamped' have just gone up at $32.99 for the set of 2 – very cool figures

–EVEN MORE DIAMOND:  Do a quick search for these new items:  Marvel Civil War Spider-Man, Alex Ross Thor Mini-Head, Mouse Guard Lieam Plush, Star Trek Captain Sisko Bust, and Amok Time Spock

TRANSFORMERS SPORTS LABEL ULTRA MAGNUS:  The are officially calling this one the Marine Blue Convoy, but the paint scheme is a bit too familiar not to go with Ultra Magnus.  The Nike shoe Magnus is going to be extremely limited and our preorder will likely run out over the weekend, so get your orders in asap – $29.99 each.

MARY POPPINS TONNER DOLLS:  Five new dolls & outfits from Tonner have just been listed.  These are all priced below MSRP and all are limited editions of between 1000 and 3000 pieces.

KOTOBUKIYA GRID ALIEN:  A companion piece to the recently listed Predator kit.  This cool Alien is priced at $89.99 and arrives early in 2008

HARRY POTTER DIE-CAST:  Corgi and Master Replicas have teamed up to release the first items of their new Harry Potter license.  We have die-cast versions of the Hogwart's Express, Knight Bus, and Mr. Weasley's Ford Anglia – all $8.99 to $13.99

ANIME GIRLS:  Not too many this week, but another great looking round:

–GUN X SWORD – FASALINA 1/8 FIGURE:  Flowing hair & plunging neckline

–HARUKA SUZUMIYA:  You may not be familiar with the character, but in this case it does not really matter:

–PIA CARROT GO – KUNUGI AYANO:  An excellent maid outfit – $66.99


REVOLTECH EVANGELION:  The Mass Production unit with Wings and red Eva Movie version figures have just arrived – only $19.99 each for these hyper articulated figures.  This line is still going strong after 20+ releases with more cool stuff on the horizon.

MONSIEUR BOME:  Volumes 16, 17, and 21 have just arrived and we have preorders listed for a vareity of other upcoming figures.  Get you fill of Bome beauties here:

SPORTS PICKS MLB 18:  All six new figures are in stock for $10.99 each – Ortiz, Howard, Verlander, Webb, Wright, and Rivera.

SPIDER-MAN 3 MOVIE FIGURES:  A new case has just arrived that brings us 8 new figures including a variety of enemies and more versions of Spidey.

OPTIMUS PRIME WALL STATUE:  The companion piece to the Megatron Wall Statue, this cool piece is now in stock at $74.99

IKKI TOUSEN:  Two hot new arrivals and plenty of shapely figures already in stock – be sure to check out this menu again:

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED SINGLES:  A great new case that gives us full sets of 6 different figures including Sinestro, Blue Devil, Vixen and more.  This one may go to backorder by the time you read this, but more should be shipping to us shortly from Mattel – only $31.99 for the set.

BATMAN & SPAWN STATUE:  This large crossover statue was quite popular and looks great.  We have a handful left in stock so be sure not to miss this one.

DIAMOND SELECT – TOMB OF DRACULA:  This intricate statue is very large and very detailed.  They did a fantastic job sculpting the piece – its definitely worth a look:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many exciting new preorders – it was a busy week!

Joel & The BBTS Crew