BBTS Update: 6/02/07

Bigbadtoystore has just sent us a new email letting us know they're loaded to the gills with astf merchandise!  You can read the whole Transformers portion of the newsletter by clicking "Read More" below. Some highlights:

Be sure to check back at BBTS for more new products in the coming days!



TRANSFORMERS MOVIE VOYAGER & LEADER: We have a nice supply of all 4
wave 1 Voyager as well as Leader Class Optimus & Megatron. All are
available singly and as sets. These figures all turned out very well with
intricate packaging and nice sculpts. Optimus & Megatron are $89.99
for the set or $47.99 each. Voyagers are $89.99 for the set of four, or
$22.99 each for: Blackout, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Starscream.

OPTIMASH PRIME – MR POTATOHEAD: Following in the footsteps of Darth
Tater, Optimash Prime is now in stock for $11.99. This sweet spud
comes with all the appendages & pieces needed to get him into Prime shape.
It also comes with a bonus mini Optimus Prime cab that is only available
as part of this set.

MORE TRANSFORMER MOVIE ITEMS: We have nearly 50 total listings on the
website for TF Movie items covering a wide range of products including:
Robot Heroes (which are similar to the Star Wars Galactic Hero line),
Titanium 3", Cyber Stompin', Cyber Slammers, Fast Action Battlers, the
very cool 'Real Gear' basic sized line that features transforming
versions of everyday objects. Role play items like the Optimus Prime Voice
Changing Helmet, Unleashed style Bumblebee and more. Some items are
still listed as preorders, but will be arriving soon – see them all:

EVEN MORE TF MOVIE ITEMS COMING SOON: Hasbro has set the 'on-site'
date of July 14th for the second and third waves of TF Movie items. There
will be a lot more cool stuff in stock and available to preorder then,
so after you've enjoyed the July 4th release be sure to check back for


HASBRO MARVEL LEGENDS WAVE 3: Hasbro is ratcheting up the coolness
with each subsequent wave of Marvel Legends. Series three has just been
announced and includes one each of: Bucky Barnes, First Appearance
Captain America, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Black Knight, Hydra
Soldier, Colossus, Cyclops, and Danger. Each figure also includes a
Build-A-Figure piece that forms the awesome Brood Queen. Sets of 8 are $89.99 and
singles of Captan America and Cyclops are priced at $10.99

MUPPETS ANIMAL PUPPET REPLICA: Master Replicas has just announced a
38" replica of Animal. This huge replica looks fantastic and we have just
listed it at $50 under MSRP at $349.99. Animal features a poseable
mouth and articulated neck and limbs. Stay tuned for Gonzo in about a  month!!

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN – TONNER: The Tonner Doll Company has
expanded its high-end product line once again with 16" collectible Character
Figues of both Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann. We have them each priced $20
or more below MSRP – check them out here:

THE CROCODILE HUNTER – STEVE IRWIN: A variety of new action figures,
playsets, vehicles, and plush figures are now up for preorder.
Although Steve left us prematurely, we can still enjoy how energetic and
passionate he was about wildlife. Check them all out here:

STARGATE PEWTER FIGURES: Another batch of SG-1 and Atlantis Pewter
figures are now up for preorder at $32.99. All the main characters are
covered in this fun line:

BOME: The new Volume 24 – Nono from Gunbuster is now up for preorder
at $27.99, and we've also listed the very cool Jungle Emi volume 11

STAR WARS CHUBBY: A cool new line from Hot Toys. This series features fun little nesting dolls of key Star Wars Characters:

STAR WARS R2-D2 TRASH CAN: Another cool idea from Japan, this fairly
large sized Trash Can looks just like R2 and the top flips up to be
used as a handy waste can. Preorders are up at $114.99

BEOWULF STATUES & BUSTS: No images of these yet, but Diamond Select is
sure to do a great job with what should be a blockbuster this winter.
We have these items listed: Golden Dragon Wall Statue, Grendel, King Beowulf, and Beowulf Monster Busts at $54.99

TRANSFORMERS DVDS: Armada Season 1, Part 2 is now up for preorder and
we'll also be restocking a variety of other previously listed  Transformers DVD's:

STAR TREK MINIMATES WAVE 2: Get the full set of 8 with variants for
just $23.99. Wave 1 is also up for preorder here:

IMPORTED GUNDAM: A big list of new Gundam preorders: Cosmic Region
#7007 Legend Gundam, Mega Blocks MS-6F Zaku II, Fix Shin Musha, Fix Metal
Composite Psycho Gundam, GFF G3 Gundam Metal Composite, New HCM Pro,
Strike Noir MSIA, Wing Gundam Zero MSIA, Extended MSIA Gelgoog Cannon &
J. Riden, Zeonography High Mobility Set, Papua Supply Ship Completed,
Transformable Zaku, and Red Display Base.

TONS OF IMPORTED ANIME & SCI-FI: We've been picking the brains of
suppliers and came up with dozens more new products not normally
available in the USA – from a wide variety of manufacturers. There are too many
to link to so here is a list, just do a quick search in what interests
Devilman – 1/7 Devilman Lady
Captain Harlock – Arcadia Number 3 Renewal
Godzilla – Type 66 & 70 Maser Cannon
Megazone 23 – Four different Transformable Garlands
Dancouga – Black Wing Figure
Yamato – Starblazers – Three different completed ships
Gaiking – a new Gaiking action figure
Patlabor – New Pickel-Kun and Blind Box Trading Figures
Last Exile – Claus' Gunship
Pumpkin Scissors – 1/8 Alice Marvin
Grendizer – Huge soft vinyl Grendizer
Xenosaga – 1/8 Kos-Mos Version 4
Death Note – Four new preorders for very cool figures including RAH
Gurren Lagaan – Lagann Impact Model
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – Oompa Loompa 25 Piece Kubrick Set
Black Lagoon – 1/6 Revy and 1/8 Shenhua – very nice
King of Fighters – 1/6 Mai Shiranui – very attractive
Godzilla – Huge Art Works Monsters – $249.99
Ikki Tousen – 1/5 Kanu – two different sexy models
Even more from Votoms, Child's Play, Zero In, C3 Hobby, Pia Carrot &

CIVIL WAR CANNON: Sideshow brings us another large prop – the Civil
War Cannon is priced at $179.99 and is in scale with your 1/6 figures.


STAR WARS 30TH & LEGENDS: A huge Hasbro shipment arrives Tuesday with
the majority of our 30th Anniversary Wave 3 order and also the full order
of 2007 Saga Legends wave 1.


HARRY POTTER – NECA ITEMS: A big shipment from Neca just arrived that
includes a huge scope of new Harry Potter items. From 3.75" action
figures & 12" Dolls to collectible clocks, lamps, pillows, signs &
More.  Take a look at all these inventive items here:

STAR WARS ATTAKUS STATUES: Oola & the excellent Sandtrooper Statue
have just arrived. These beauties are priced at $399.99 and $364.99
respectively. We have other Attakus items available here as well:

REVOLTECH – SABER: This higher end Revoltech figure comes in a larger
box and has a slighly larger price point of $24.99. The Alter version is
also up for preorder

ACCOUTREMENTS NOVELTY FIGURES: 70 Items from Accoutrements have just
arrived including a huge array of political, historical, and other
culturally relevant items (and also quite a few irrelevant ones too)
My favorite is the Avenging Narwhal and Avenging Unicorn sets who use
their sharp horns to pierce smaller friendly critters.

JAPANESE BEAST WARS HOWLINGER: A cool brown repaint of Wolffang, this
and all the other JBW 2007 reissues are in stock for $29.99

HOT TOYS NAVY SEAL UDT JUMPER: Two cool versions of this ultra
detailed figure are now in stock for $114.99 – check them out here:

DC DIRECT – MARTIAN MANHUNTER 13" FIGURE: Yet another great release
from the masters at DC Direct. In stock now at $10 under MSRP

DECEPTICON WALL PLAQUE: Back in stock after a long abscence, this cool hangable wall statue is priced at just $44.99

STAR TREK "THE CAGE" ENTERPRISE: This one is limited to only around
3000 pieces and is sure to go quickly – in stock now for $33.99

MARVEL SELECT BROOD & SKRULL: A hihgly popular release originally
intended for the Marvel Legends line, Brood & Skrull are in stock for