BBTS Update 06/29

We've received the latest update from BigBadToyStore!  Check out the entire thing by clicking on "read more" or click here for the Transformers Chess Set.  Also of note, Joel saw astf at Botcon and said it was great!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a variety of new preorders, many new arrivals, and a 20% Off 4th of July Sale!
20% OFF SALE!  From now until 3:00 PM on The Fourth of July, you can save 20% off every item in the store except 'new' and 'preorder / backorder' items!  We've recently removed the 'new' designation from hundreds of items so there are tons of opportunities for nice discounts. Just choose your favorite menu and take advantage of these great deals.
TRANSFORMERS MOVIE:  We just returned from the early screening at Botcon – wow, what a movie!  It blew away our expectations and the theater was cheering time after time during key moments – be sure to get out there on July 3rd and enjoy this great movie.  Stay tuned for new TF Movie preorders in roughly 2 weeks and for those of you attending Botcon, be sure to stop by our tables this weekend!

GI JOE 25TH ANNIVERSARY WAVE 2:  Hasbro has just given us the okay to list the second set of 5 single-packed figures.  This set includes Buzzer, Cobra Trooper, Lady Jaye, Beachhead, and Serpentor.   We have sets of 5 listed at $37.99 and cases of 8 that also include Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, and Storm Shadow at $47.99.   We have more GI 5-packs arriving next week and the first wave of single pack figures will begin to arrive soon as well.
STREET FIGHTER REVOLUTION WAVE 1:  Sota Toys has just announced another great looking new wave of figures including:  Zangief, R. Mika, E. Honda, and Dhalism.  We have these listed at $15.99 each, or $12 off MSRP at $59.99 for the full set of 4.
EVANGELION REVOLTECH:  Kaiyodo has just announced three more cool new Revoltech figure including Eva First Type and Eva Zero Type New Movie Version.  They also will be making a weapons set that looks very cool.  All 3 items are $5 off MSRP at $19.99
WALT DISNEY COLLECTIBLES:  More fun statues and figures have just beenadded including items from Hercules, Lilo & Stitch, and six different Halloween themed Pooh and Mickey items.
GRANZORT ACTION FIGURE:  You may not have heard of this character before, but its a great looking mech imported from Japan and made by Koto.  This cool figure is priced at $54.99 and worth inspecting here:
GONE WITH THE WIND:  Tonner Doll has just announced seven different dolls and outfits from this old-time movie classic.  They are all fairly limited and deserve a look, great gift ideas for fans of the movie.
ANIME GIRLS:   Another new batch of Anime items have just been listedincluding:  Bome Voluem 25 – Mitsumi Misato's Lucia, Samurai Spirits Denshi Maid Techou Tsunami, Fist of North Star Busts for Shew & Thouzer, Yatake Yoshinori's El 8" Figure, Utawarerumono – Urutori 1/8 PVC, To Heart 2 – Chie Yoshioka, Chocotto Sisters Black Cat, Rozen Maiden Traumend Hinaichigo, and Yoakemaeyori Ruriirona Estel Freesia PVC.   Do a quick search on any of these ore check out the overall anime menu here:
DISNEY'S CARS:   A variety of hard to find new items have just arrived including the Dinoco Helicopter Carrying Case,  Cars Playmat, Red the Firetruck, and the 'R' Assortment that contains a bunch of new figures.  We also have a good number of other older items in stock – view them all here:
FINAL FANTASY & KINGDOM HEARTS – MASTER ARMS:  Imported from Japan and made by Square Enix, these mini weapon replicas are roughly 6" long and modeled after the blades and weapons of the main game characters.   These are all in stock now at $32.99 each – definitely worth taking a look:
THE SIMPSONS MOVIE FIGURES:  The specialty market cases with extra figures have just arrived and we have sets, singles, and boxed sets in stock.  The figures include 4 family members in movie theater seats that form an interlocking diorama as well as Itchy & Scratchy on the moon and Homer massaging a pig.  The box set features Ned & Bart and a ~30-eyed critter.   Check them all out here:
MORE NECA ARRIVALS:  A variety of new arrivals and restocks from NECA including:  AC-DC 2-pack, 18" Freddie Mercury, Jimmie Page, 12" V for Vendetta, and we have tons of other NECA stuff in stock and even more up for preorder.  NECA has been continually improving their figures and selection so be sure to view some of their many new items.
DAIKU MARYU 24" VINYL FIGURE:  These just arrived from Hong Kong and are in stock for $189.99 each.  The figure is made of semi-soft vinyl and comes with a few smaller accessory pieces.
STAR WARS COOKIE JARS:  A variety of core characters are now available as full sized and fully functional cookie jars.  These are each priced at $79.99.
THE HAMMER OF THOR:  Limited to only 1000 pieces and completely sold out from Diamond Select Toys, we've had a few pieces open up and they are now available at $349.99 each.   Don't forget the companion Stormbreaker piece as well.
NHL SPORTS PICKS 15:  We have all the normal figures in stock at $10.99 and the Luongo variant has also arrived.  We also have started to carry the Upper Deck All Star Vinyl figures.  Joe Sakik has just arrived with two different jersey options – View them all here:
MARVEL 3.75" TITANIUM:  Hasbro has reworked the packaging on this line to make it a bit smaller and more attractive, we have the new Juggernaut, Captain America, and Iron Man in stock for $17.49 each.
TRANSFORMERS MOVIE CHESS SET:  A great looking new chess set that features nice metallic painted sculpts of a variety of movie characters.  This set is priced at $29.99 and it looks great.
NEW FUNKO ITEMS:   A variety of oversized Funko items has just arrived including the 20" Scooby Doo Bobble Bank, 24" Marvin the Martian, 12" Mr. Burns Bobble Bank, and Marvin the Martian helmet bank.
Thanks for your interest in – enjoy the new sale and take a look at some of the many new items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew