Upcoming Real Gear: Speed Dial Repaint

{mosimage}Poster netkid at the 2005 Boards discovered a few new listings on Hasbro's Transformers site. Official images of Deluxe Bonecrusher and Swindle have been added, but more interesting is the listing for Transformers: Monopoly. As is quickly becoming their standard practice, they've put up the wrong image for that product, accidentally revealing an upcoming toy! This one is an as-yet unnamed repaint of the Real Gear Speed Dial 800, in snazzy new red-and-black Decepticon duds.

But beware, a Decepticon cellphone's bad news… all he'll do is constantly wear down his battery by spending hours calling 900 numbers before your night & weekend minutes kick in. And roaming, always roaming.

Check out the images at Transformers.com, and discuss in Octavius Prime's thread