Transformers Video Game: Starscream Voice Announced!

{mosimage} There's been a lot of speculation about the voice of Starscream in the astf tie-in video games. We've even received some mysterious, garbled transmissions from the sneaky son-of-a-gun over the last few weeks, but what we didn't know was exactly who was the mouth behind the machine. So to speak.

Well, has decided to spill the beans, in the form of a letter from the voice actor himself! Here's the catch: it's in the Developer's Blog in the Allspark Special Content area, which means you've got to head over to the site and log in, and you've got to be on the winning side (hint: they ain't the good guys) to view the letter.

But trust us… you'll want to read it. Oh boy, is it ever big news… for the fan community, and for the Allspark in particular.

Go on, go read it. Go on. Once you have, be sure to pop on over to our discussion forum and offer your own voice on the good news.

The Allspark is proud to be the first to bring you this news. Congrats, Daniel.