Transformers: The Game Site Update

We've just received word from the proprietors of the astf tie-in game website regarding some new and exciting developments regarding the site:

  • A new four-tiered ranking system is in place allowing you to advance in rank, gain power and build status. As you advance you’ll have more and more battle actions to choose from. Before each match, you'll be able to choose which battle actions you want to take into battle. The number of actions you can take into battle depend on your rank. For more information, click on "Instructions" and check out the "Ranks" heading.
  • Enhanced animations will make the Battle experience more real than ever before.
  • Our new message forum allows you to talk strategy with your teammates or discuss the video game with the rest of the community.
  • The AllSpark Special Access section will be rolling out exclusive content such as screenshots, developer blogs, G1 content, movie toy images and movie stills. Only the team controlling the AllSpark can access this section!
  • As of 4PM PST on May 25th, the Decepticons lead the Autobots by less than 400,000 points. It's a close battle, still anyone's game. Autobots, you’re gaining on the Decepticons…the AllSpark is almost yours…