Transformers Sales Roundup: TRU, KB, Target

With the astf toyline's shelf date of June 2 looming large on the horizon, a number of special sales either are in effect now or will be this weekend.

First, is currently running a special through June 8 wherein you can get a free Real Gear toy with a $25 Transformers purchase! Click here to view their Transformers products, and here for the sale details. Note that while it SAYS it's active now, you probably won't be able to actually add a Real Gear toy to your cart until June 2.

Second, TFW2005 poster Gen. Magnus spotted Buy One Transformer, Get One Free (or possibly Buy One, Get One 50% Off) signs at his local KB Toys, set to take effect June 2. KB sales are generally nationwide, so if this pans out, it could be a good way to get some cheap movie figures. Even with KB's unholy markup.

Finally, a few days ago Yakkotank relayed to us a Target sale notice from Sunday June 3, the day AFTER the big toy blitz, Target will have their exclusive Robo-Vision Optimus Prime on sale for $19.99, plus $7.99 movie Deluxes and 10% off other Transformers toys.

Happy spending!