Transformers Movie Clip On Ellen

Allspark poster OrionStarr caught astf actor Josh Duhamel's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show today, and filled us in on the details. Duhamel talked about Transformers and the movie, showed off a Classics Optimus Prime toy, and most importantly, brought along a new clip! The 45-second sequence shows more of Blackout's assault on the military base than has been seen in any of the trailers and commercials so far… but still not too much.

The clip is up on YouTube (naturally), and OrionStarr posted a link to some clearer screenshots he captured. And don't despair–ince Ellen's show is syndicated, you may yet have a chance to catch it on television tonight or tomorrow morning, and it will definitely rerun late next Monday night on the Oxygen network. Check your local listings, and discuss in this thread