Transformers Effects Artist & Test Footage On Conan

The webmaster of thoughtfully stopped by TFW2005 to share some Transformers-related content that was added to his site. This week, Conan O'Brien is doing his Late Night show from San Francisco, and for one of the remote pieces, he stopped by Industrial Light & Magic for some of his patented shenanigans and monkeyshines.

There's a brief sequence with one of the ILM designers, who shows Conan (and us!) a astf scene he's working on where "Barricade screams at Shia." Also, his desk is chock-full of toys, including a plethora of Transformers Classics, Alternators and Legends. Looks like the movie's in good hands!

Click here to watch the video, which will presumably make it to Conan's show tonight, as George Lucas is a scheduled guest.