Titanium War Within Prowl, Prime/Megatron 2-Pack and “Menasor!”

{mosimage} Artist and designer Don Figueroa has posted two images of upcoming 6" Titanium releases over at the 2005 Boards. They show a Toys 'R' Us Exclusive War Within Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron 2-Pack, a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Decepticon repaint of Rodimus Prime named Menasor, and the first image of Prowl!

Titaniums Prowl is in his Cybertronian form from Dreamwave's Transformers: The War Within miniseries, which was designed–like the Titaniums toyline–by Don himself. Click here to check out the post and images at TFW2005.

*UPDATE* – Don has followed up with a scan of Menasor's bio


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