Potential Transformers: Animated Optimus Prime?

{mosimage} We probably won't be able to say "rumor" enough times in this next post. So let's add a few more, to be safe: Rumor rumor rumor. There. Okay.

Artist Sean Galloway, who has been rumored to be involved in the design of the next Transformers cartoon series, has posted a sketch of a redesigned Optimus Prime on his DeviantArt page and blog. The pose and layout look an awful lot like something from a model sheet, given the fairly radical redesign (for something that's ostensibly an homage to G1 Prime), and the LOLcats-esque Invisible Shotgun. Hence, the rumors begin.

Now, he states on the page that it was a sketch drawn from memory as an homage to G1, but if the rumors are true about his involvement with the new series, it could be a little more than that. Or not. Rumor rumor rumor.

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