Official Hasbro Transformers Site Update: Target Robo-Vision Line

{mosimage} The official Hasbro website has been updated with info and images for upcoming astf products that will be available exclusively at Target. As previously reported, Target will carry a line of movie merchandise consisting of both completely exclusive products and exclusive versions of wide-release products with special "Robo-Vision" features.

This new update confirms a Scout assortment with exclusive repaints of Energon Arcee, Energon Signal Flare and Cybertron Hardtop. Additionally, we see the box cover for the Robo-Vision edition of Transformers Stratego, which features an awful lot of explosions and fire for a game where you move plastic squares around on a big piece of cardboard.

We also get a sneak peek at the Target Transformers site, which soon promises to feature product images and exclusive content such as prototypes, videos, games, and more, all unlocked via Robo-Vision codes. 


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