New Transformers Movie Ads on Nickelodeon

{mosimage} Two new astf TV commercials have begun airing on Nickelodeon. To be more accurate, it's one TV spot with two different endings. The ad(s) feature(s) lots of new footage of the Autobots, particularly Bumblebee, and a line of dialogue from Optimus Prime.

The first TV spot aired yesterday afternoon, as noted by Boss Borot. A poor-quality (but better than nothing) video of the ad was posted on YouTube. This version ends with Spike punting a decapitated Decepticon.

Corgsopal gave us the heads-up about the second version that aired today, and this time we had the DVR ready and were able to get a direct video capture. This version is the same as yesterday's until the logo appears, then it ends with the Autobots outside Sam's house. View it on YouTube, or visit Corgsopal's thread for discussion, screenshots and direct download links. 

*UPDATE* Video captures of the first version of the ad, with the Frenzy ending, are now on YouTube and in the discussion thread.