New Chevy/Bumblebee Newspaper Ad

{mosimage} A new Chevrolet print advertisement featuring astf Bumblebee has begun appearing in newspapers. The ad shows Bumblebee as a shiny new 2009-model Camaro and a surprisingly filthy robot. The tagline: "When you travel 30 trillion light-years to Earth, you're not going to pick just any car." So that's it: anyone who's written a fanfic in the last 20 years that mentions the location of Cybertron as any other distance from Earth, scrap it and start over. Chevrolet says you're wrong.

Our scan comes from the May 23-29 New York City alternative weekly newspaper The Village Voice. Poster Deceptikreep at TFW2005 reports seeing it in the comparable left-coast paper San Francisco Weekly, making it officially a nationwide campaign. Check out the large image in our Movie Promotional Images Gallery