Movie toys get a new website

There's a swank new official astf toy site, all glitzed up in Flash and featuring both 2-d and 3-d views of some of the figures.  Not all toys are up on the site yet, and a lot of the pages are incomplete (and Deluxe Jazz's page shows the Legends toy instead), but most of the ones present are really quite neat-o.

It is apparently aimed at New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Here are a few highlight tidbits we've gleaned from the site:

  • No picture, but Leader class Brawl is listed.
  • There's also a listing for a redeco of Leader Optimus Prime and one of Voyager Optimus Prime.
  • Deluxe Brawl is accidentally listed as Demolisher in one spot, giving more evidence that this was probably a working name for him.
  • It features a commercial advertising free 3-d glasses at area stores to view the figures in their full 3-d glory.

Discuss the news and others' findings in this thread by our own NightViper.


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