Movie Frenzy: Soundwave’s Illegitimate Offspring

{mosimage}Left on the doorstep as a young child, Frenzy grew up never knowing his real father.  He always knew he was different.  The kids at school would call him names.  'Antenna head' and 'Speaker butt' weren't terms of endearment.  One day he had simply had enough.  He gutted the kid before he'd fully spoken the insult.  It was then he'd found his true calling in life as a Decepticon.  Once brought into the elite ranks of the evil army, he met a guy named Soundave…and father and son were united at last.

For anyone who thought astf Frenzy would remain a minicon-esque extention of Barricade, ebay seller kayotoys-cn would like to have a word with you.  If you head on over to his auction you will see a full fledged Frenzy that looks very cool by his own right.  Once you get a look, you can discuss it here.