IDW Update: Megatron Preview, Movie News and More

{mosimage}The IDW Publishing update comes in the form of two threads.  From lonegamer8, via Seibertron, comes the link to a full-color preview of IDW's Megatron issue #1.  According to Chris Ryall, this issue has been delayed until mid-June largely due to Alex Milne's illness, but not to worry – Alex is on the mend now.  Comment on the preview images here.

And from Octavius Prime comes a link to a thread at the IDW Forums that's loaded with information.  Among the items you'll find there are some tidbits on IDW's astf plans:

  • Plans are being made to include a videogame booklet-sized copy of the first prequel issue in the Activision game.
  • Other plans are in the works for the movie's eventual release on DVD, the official soundtrack CD, and an extra with the Bumblebee Unleashed toy.
  • An exclusive 10-page comic will be distributed at a theater chain to be named later!

Comment in Octavius Prime's thread after checking out the rest of the information, including news on Devastation, forthcoming Spotlights, Beast Wars and the New Avengers crossover.