HBO First Look: Transformers, Coming in June

On June 27, HBO will be premiering a First Look: Transformers special covering astf. These specials generally feature brief clips from the film interspersed with effusively complimentary interviews with the cast and crew. The Allspark has made up an exclusive first look at the First Look:

Steven Spielberg: We were very excited to make this movie! The cast was great!
Michael Bay: This movie was so exciting to make! It was great working with our cast!
Megan Fox: I was so excited to be a part of this movie! Michael Bay was a great director!
Shia LaBeouf: [email protected]$$ [email protected] excited #%[email protected]! Michael [email protected]# Bay [email protected]^ing %#$ great!

Click here for a list of airtimes for the special on HBO. Thanks to TFW2005 and ComicsContinuum for the news!