eBay Auctions For Movie Dreadwing, Arcee, and Upgraded Bumblebee!

{mosimage}Poster Optimus Frimal over at the 2005 Boards dug up three eBay auctions that give us good looks at upcoming astf Deluxe-class toys. We've mirrored the images in our News Gallery, so check them out!

Dreadwing – We've seen official images of this one-eyed, no-handed, flying purple and blue air-speeder before, but these are larger and show the toy from some new angles. 

Arcee – Everyone's favorite token female Transformer made it into the prequel comic book, but was cut from the movie cast before production began. Here we see the first large, unobstructed images of her robot and motorcycle modes.

2009 Bumblebee – At some point in the movie, Bumblebee goes from old-n-busted to new-hotness, and of course he needs a new toy to commemorate the change. The toy also gets a welcome clear-windowed upgrade from the first-wave 1970s version.

Thanks to TFW2005 for the links! Discuss the toys in Octavius Prime's thread in our Movie Forum.