BBTS Newsletter 05/18

BigBadToyStore has sent the latest newsletter, and as we've previously reported, it includes the deluxe astf toys!

"We have cases and singles listed, and another round of figures will be listed on July 14th – the next 'on-shelf' date for other characters in the movie.  We will carry ALL the TF Movie items from Hasbro – check back for the fully supply on June 2nd, with even more added July  14th."

Also in stock this go-round is the TF Megatron wall statue.  Click "read more" to read the entire newsletter!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about 100+ new preorders, more new arrivals, and news on items arriving soon!


INTERACTIVE R2-D2:  The ultimate R2-D2 collectible will be arriving on Monday or Tuesday.  This 15" tall droid features complex  interactive electronics, cup-holder, rotating dome and much more.  We have a limited number arriving and restocks take months to ship from Hong Kong, so don't miss out on R2-D2 – only $99.99

STAR WARS VINTAGE LIMITED 2007:  Our shipment of this year's retro style will be arriving around Tuesday or Wednesday.  We have sets of 6 priced at $65.99, and cases of 12 at $129.99.  If you purchase the entire set of 6, you can mail in the UPC codes to Hasbro and receive a special set of 7 coins that fit into the handy coin holder that comes with the 30th Anniversary Darth Vader figure.

SPIDER-MAN 3 REAL ACTION HEROES:  A big shipment of Medicom's high-end RAH figures will be arriving in 7 – 10 days.  Spider-Man, Venom, and Black Suited Spider-Man are each priced at $94.99 and a limited number are left for preorder.

STAR WARS TITANIUM:  The third wave of Titanium figures for 2007 will be arriving Tuesday or Wednesday.  We've listed this as a case as well as singly.  Figures include:  Clone Turbo Tank (snow variant, ARC 170 Starfighter – green version, Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter w/ Hyperspace Ring,  Imperial Attack Cruiser,  B-Wing,  Classic Cylon Raider, Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter, and V-Wing Fighter.   New Titaniums never last long so get preorders in soon.

HASBRO'S FANTASTIC FOUR:  The first wave of 8 F4 figures from Hasbro will be here early next week.  Sets of 8 figures are available now at $77.99 and we have a limited number remaining.


STAR TREK – 2 NEW ENTERPRISES:   Diamond Select has just announced two new versions of the NCC-1701 Enterprise including versions based off episodes "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before"  We have each version priced $6 below MSRP at $33.99 – check them out here:

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE DELUXE FIGURES:  A surprise move from Hasbro – the June 2nd 'On Shelf' date has been lifted for 'Deluxe' class Movie figures!  Preorders are now open and we expect the first waves to fill from shipments arriving today and on Tuesday/Wednesday next week!   We have cases and singles listed, and another round of figures will be listed on July 14th – the next 'on-shelf' date for other characters in the movie.  We will carry ALL the TF Movie items from Hasbro – check back for the fully supply on June 2nd, with even more added July 14th.

KINGDOM HEARTS 2 – WISDOM FORM SORA:  Limited to just 5000 pieces worldwide, this new blue version of Sora is sure to sell out as quickly as all the past versions have.  We have it priced 10% below MSRP at $26.99

THE GOONIES – MEZCO:  Mezco has done a nice job with its first series of Goonies action figures.  Sloth measures in at 7.5" tall and the four boys – Chunk, Data, Mikey, Mouth – are each produced in a slightly smaller scale.  The set of 5 is up for preorder $15 below MSRP at $69.99

NECA HARRY POTTER:  NECA has been quite busy coming up with over 50 new toys & collectibles, and we've been busy getting them all listed.  There is a huge range of stuff so be sure to check out the site – items include:  Pillows, Plush Figures, Magnets, Keychains, Clocks, Wall Scrolls, Gryffindor & other House Banners, Bookends, 12" figures, Lunchboxes, Canvas Art, Mugs, 18" Sorting Hat, Lamps & More!

NECA 300 COLLECTIBLES:  More cool new licensed items from NECA – We've just listed all these new 300 themed items:  Ball Cap, Belt Buckle, Playing Cards, Board Game, Coffee Mug, Dog Tags, Keychains, Wristband, Shooter Set, Canvas Prints, Wall Clock, and the very cool Leonidas Helmet Prop Replica.  Check out all these goodies here:

QUEENS BLADE – BLACK ARMOR EKIDONA:  This wildly popular figure has sold out several times in the past and is thankfully back with an all new black armored version.  Ekidona poses thoughtfully for you and is up for preorder at $66.99

HOT TOYS – PIRATES III – AT WORLD'S END:  Hot Toys continues to produce some of the best 1/6 scale figures in the world, and these are no exception.  Jack Sparrow and Captain Sao Feng are each up for preorder at $159.99 – both look fantastic, check them out here:

SPAWN 32:  No images yet, but this new set of Spawn features 7 different figures including:  Commando Spawn, Raven Spawn, The Creech, Biker Chick, Tremor, Spawn X, and Omega Squadron.  We have preorders listed at $83.99 each – there will be only 1 set per case so this is a handy way to get all the figures you need easily.

MCFARLANE SPORTS PICKS – NFL:  A big batch of new items including the very cool Ultimate Team Sets that feature the complete 11-man offenses of the Bears, Cowboys, Broncos, and Giants.   This item is not only great to collect, but also provides a fun way for coaches to illustrate plays, or to create dioramas.  Other preorders include 12" Walter Payton, Urlacher and Manning boxed sets, and the 49'ers Legends gift-pack with lords of the gridiron Lott, Montana, and Rice.

GHOST IN THE SHELL:  More new Tachikoma preorders have been added including a die-cast version that comes with Motoko, and a variety of others, check them all out here:

DARK HORSE – HELL'S PROPRIETOR:  A pair of new PVC figures based on the work of Glenn Barr is now up for preorder at $64.99.  The Blue and Brown versions each stand around 11" tall and are quite limited in overall production.

CHRISTMAS TOYS – FROSTY & RUDOLF:  Its a bit early to be thinking of Christmas, but the manufacturers have just solicited items to be released this fall from these holiday classics.  Check them out here: = Frosty = Rudolph

ELVIS PRESLEY BEARBRICKS:  Medicom brings us two new bearbricks wearing classic Elvis gear.  The regular sized version is $14.99, and the triple sized 300% versoin is $54.99



–ANIMATED SARUMAN:  This cornerstone of LotR is in stock for $69.99

–ANIMATD JACK SPARROW:  Just in time for Pirates III and only $69.99

–ZUCKUSS BUST:  Another great Star Wars bust in stock at $44.99

SIDESHOW TOYS – 1/4 BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN:  Another huge quarter scale figure has just arrived.  This 18" figure is priced $10 below MSRP at $239.99

STARGATE – MASTER REPLICAS:  The SG-1 10th Anniversary Watch has just arrived, this cool functioning timepiece is limited to only 1000 pieces and has a Stargate themed bezel that twists to reveal the watch’s crystal and Stargate logo inside.  In stock now for $20 under MSRP – $279.99

TRANSFORMERS MEGATRON WALL STATUE:  The perfect compliment to the upcoming Optimus Prime Wall Statue (they fit together to form a diorama).  Megatron is in stock for $79.99

CARS MACK TRUCK PLAYSET:  This figure has sold out many times in the past and we finally have some open stock available at $16.99 each.   Mack opens up to reveal Lightning's bachelor pad and is a very fun playset.

DOCTOR WHO FIGURES:  The new 6" The Ood figure is now in stock along with more Clockwork Man figures as well as the 12" Doctor.  Be sure to check out the sale pricing on sets of the older figures as well.

DESIGNER TOYS:  A wide variety of designer toys have just arrived including:  Baby Qee, Toxic Swamp Dog, and a variety of other Qee figures – check them out here:

CTHULHU:  The very fun Cthulhu vinly figure and minions & victims vinly figures are now in stock for $29.99 and $14.99 respectively

BUSOUSHINKI:  The first round of cool Busoushinki figures is now in stock, these elaborate figures come with a variety of extra parts and weapons.

BOME VOLUME 18:  Gunbuster's Takaya Noriko is now in stock for $27.99, we also have a full selection of other Bome figures here:

YAMATO MACROSS RESTOCK:  We've just received more of the 1/60 VF-0S, as well as all these 1/48 valkyries:  VF-1A Hikaru, VF-1S Focker, VF-1A Max, VF-1S Hikaru, VF-1J Hikaru, and VF-1J Stealth.

MARVEL SELECT GHOST RIDER:  Another cool sculpt from Diamond Select Toys – Ghost Rider is now in stock for $18.99, this is more of a classic sculpt and not a movie product.

GUNDAM ZEONOGRAPHY:  The #3013 Quebely MK-II is now in stock for $54.99.  This is a great addition to the Zeonography lineup and in stock now in limited numbers.

PIRATES PROP REPLICAS:  The Jack Sparrow Compass and Sword are both back in stock at new lower prices!  Only $164.99 for the compass and $209.99 for the sword, both substantially off original MSRP

Thanks so much for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew.